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USB Charging Module Wins at 2013 Electrical Industry Awards

MK Electric's USB Charging Module is named Innovative Commercial/Industrial Product of the Year

MK Electric’s USB Charging Module, which is part of MK’s comprehensive range of wiring accessories, has been recognised as the winner of the Innovative Commercial/Industrial Product of the Year category at this year’s Electrical Industry Awards, held on Thursday 24th October 2013. The Electrical I...

Are You as tough as MK Commando?

With IP ratings of 44 and 67, MK Commando’s range of industrial plugs, connectors and socket outlets stand up to the toughest conditions

The new MK Commando line has arrived, and it’s as tough, reliable and safe as ever. Over the next 12 months, the entire range will be refreshed, starting with the 40 most popular products. MK Commando includes a range of industrial plugs, connectors, socket outlets and appliance inlets, for indoor a...

MK Electric Greets UK’s Mobility Boom with New USB Charging Module

​ MK Electric, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and accessories, is expanding the largest range of wiring devices in the UK with the launch of a new USB charging module.   A recent study by research house, Gartner, suggested that by the end of 2013, the number of active smartphone...

The Coldest Journey Crew Takes MK Electric to the Antarctic

​ MK Electric has taken British manufacturing to new extremes as part of The Coldest Journey, the world’s first-ever trans-Antarctic winter traverse.   Following the successful arrival of The Coldest Journey expedition’s ship, the SA Agulhas, in Antarctica last month, the team is making use of wir...