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Cable Management

MK Electric's Cable Management Portfolio offers products for all installations.  From Perimeter and Distribution, Conduit and Mini Trunking and Alarm and Communication Trunking, all extrusions are made from 93%* recycled materials.

*Based on Jan - June 2013 consumption
  • Perimeter and Distribution
    Prestige 3D Compact completes the 3D offering with all the 3D benefits of faster installation, Cat 6 compliance and improved aesthetics, but in a smaller footprint & ideal for confined locations.
  • Conduit and Mini
    Egatube high impact PVCu conduit offers a cost effective solution for both new building and refurbishment contracts.
  • Alarm and Communication
    Based on MK’s well proven Ega Mini Trunking System, Red Alert brings all of the benefits in reducing the installation time on call points, computer and power supply switches, water heaters, boiler switches, emergency stops, panic alarms, smoke detectors, sounders and warning lights.