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Wiring Devices

MK Electric have a comprehensive range of wiring devices.  From the iconic Logic Plus range, to the innovative astral advanced lighting control system, and echo, the batteryless, wireless self-powered switch.  MK offer products and solutions for all installations and applications.
  • Dimensions
    MK Electric has recently launched a new range of innovative and practical wiring accessories, Dimensions, a two-piece, installer-led solution for residential and commercial developments. With a modern, screwless design, Dimensions is perfect for installations in a range of different settings, from mid-range residential developments to hotels and commercial buildings. The range features a wide array of finishes with four synthetic and four metal color options.
  • Ingress Protected
    Scientifically sealed and tested by MK well in excess of British Standards, new Masterseal Plus™ protects the electrical supply in the harshest of environments. Masterseal Plus™ is specifically developed for use in both outdoor and indoor environments, and where wiring devices and accessories would be at risk from penetration by dust or water.
  • echo, the future of the switch
    An innovative range of entirely wireless, batteryless, self-powered switches, only available from MK. No wires offers almost instant installation and total location flexibility. No batteries means low maintenance and low running costs. The switch is self-powered, harvesting tiny amounts of ambient energy which power a switch (transmitter) to send an RF signal to the receiver which is connected to the lighting circuit.
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