Product Safety Communication - MK Sentry Stock Exchange

Dear Customer,
We have identified an issue with the manufacture of a limited number of MK Sentry 100A Switch Disconnectors that could fail and overheat, presenting a potential fire risk.
We request your assistance and co-operation in the return and replacement of any of the products listed below, within the stated date codes (please refer to this PDF attachment), which have been purchased, and either are in stock or have been resold or installed.
We became aware of the potential issue following a warranty return and extensive internal testing on an MK Sentry Switch. We are not aware of any safety incidents with our products in the field and we have not seen an increased warranty return rate. However, as a responsible manufacturer we are voluntarily taking this precautionary measure.
Only a limited number of MK Sentry Switches are affected, manufactured during specific time periods.
In order to identify if the products you have purchased or installed are affected and are eligible for exchange, please download this PDF document for the relevant product/date code identification details.
Products outside these date codes should not be returned and are fit for sale.
For further enquiries please call our Exchange Hotline on 0800 028 1117, from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, or email

0800 028 1117
8.30am to 5.00pm
Monday - Friday