Masterseal Plus™

Masterseal Plus™ has been specifically developed for use in both outdoor and indoor environments, and where wiring devices and accessories would be at risk from
penetration by dust or water.

With a rating of IP66, Masterseal Plus™ offers total protection against dust, and is
protected against high pressure jets of water from any direction. Masterseal Plus™
sockets can seal around virtually any standard 13A plug – including moulded plugs –
allowing safe connection for any appliance.

An improved catch eases the opening and closing of the lid, whilst ensuring the  integrity of the seal.

Widest Range
The Masterseal Plus™ range extends to over 90 product variations as the enclosures
house selected products from the Logic Plus™ portfolio

Ease of Installation

The gasket is fixed to the mounting frame of the product, enabling rapid installation, and removing the risk of error when placing a floating gasket. As the range houses products from
the Logic Plus™ portfolio, they benefit from all the same installation features such as backed out and captive screws and in-line terminals.
Robust Construction and Impact Protection
Manufactured from one of the toughest thermoplastics available to  offer IK10 impact protection. This material will also not discolour, crack or fade in UV light (unlike
many other plastics) and will maintain operation in extremes of heat and cold.

20 Year Guarantee
Masterseal Plus is guaranteed for an indsutry leadng 20 years (10 years for electronic products).

Masterseal Plus™ is perfectly suited to a range of indoor and outdoor applications including factories, laboratories, swimming pools, commercial kitchens, industrial units, warehouses, clean rooms and more.