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Edge is a range of wiring devices that combine function and style. The design is smooth, clean and the products are very slim – in fact just 1.5mm. An impressive yet subtle statement, available in an unrivalled range of finishes, Edge is the choice in modern, contemporary or traditional interiors where style and detail are the desired effect. In addition to the wide choice of standard finishes, a custom design service gives designers the ability to match almost any RAL colour required.

With Edge comes unrivalled safety. Utilising MK’s 3-pin operated safety shutter, that prevents misuse and unsafe access to live circuitry, Edge offers the user the peace of mind and comfort that they have the safest
range of wiring devices available installed in their surroundings.

Echo™ is an innovative range of entirely wireless, batteryless and self powered switches, only available from MK Electric and in finishes to complement the Edge™ range. Please see page 31 for details.

Slim profile frontplates of only 1.5mm with matching flat head screws throughout

A clean and practical range of products that complement the finest interiors

Total safety
3-pin operated “child resistant shutter system”, which is designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply, unless all 3 pins of a standard British 13 Amp plug are in position

Comprehensive range of sockets, switches and modular ancillary products
Mean that whatever the application, the Edge range has a wiring device to suit

Eight standard high quality finishes with the option for custom design service
Allows designers the flexibility to provide the finish of their choice