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1 GANG 60W/ VA-400W/320VA, 230VA.C, 50HZ 2 WAY 2 MODULE


These dimmers incorporate the latest in micro-controller based circuitry to provide electronic soft-start and overload protection.

Suitable for use with good quality electronic or wire wound transformers. Can also be used with good quality mains voltage halogen lamps incorporating GU10 bases. Please check with lamp manufacturer to determine suitability.​

K4500 is only suitable for use in 2, 4 and 8 module grids.

They are not suitable for fluorescent lamps.

Refer to technical section for derating factors when more than one unit is used in any one box.
Conforms to the latest standard BS EN 60669-2-1.​


 Available with the option of either White or Black inserts. Add Suffix ‘W’ or ‘B’ to part number when ordering, E.g. KxxxxBSSW. Where there is no asterix, the final suffix W = White Insert, B = Black Insert, E.g. KxxxxWHIW = Porcelain White finish with White inserts

​When ordering K4500, K4501 & K4511, use the suffix ‘LV’ right at the end, eg. K4501BSSWLV