Process engineer and former apprentice, Thomas Hunt, has been announced as BEAMA’s Young Manufacturer of the Year.

Thomas was presented with the award in recognition of his achievements within MK Electric’s mould shop team, which included introducing a brand-new electric moulding machine and automated inspection camera. By optimising the new tooling and moulding machine, Thomas reduced the cycle time by a massive 35 per cent. This provided a material productivity benefit of 32 percent, which equates to millions more units produced per year.

Thomas was shortlisted alongside his peer, Tim Mann, who is also a former apprentice of the business and now works as a tool room technician at its factory in St Asaph.

The BEAMA Young Manufacturer of the Year Award recognises people aged up to 25 who have excelled in research and development, process engineering, marketing, customer service or team work. Thomas was presented with the award during a ceremony on 28 November 2018 at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London.

​​NEW: Introducing MK Dimensions, the latest range of wiring devices from MK

A two piece screwless wiring device complete with protective cover plate. Designed and engineered to make specification and installation simple. Watch the video to learn more.


USB Integrated Sockets

In 2013 MK Electric was one of the first UK manufacturers to introduce a range of award winning USB charging modules, and this technology has been integrated into our market leading twin socket in the Logic Plus, MK Dimensions, Metalclad Plus, Albany Plus, Edge, Aspect and Elements. Recent product developments mean our Logic Plus™ and MK Dimensions wiring devices now fit a 25mm backbox.

MK Electric USB charging solutions are also designed with inherent safety features such as overload protection and automatic disconnect on the modular product when the cable is removed.

Watch the short video here.​

​​BIM Ready

On 4th April 2016, it became mandatory for all stakeholders working on publicly funded projects to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to level 2. The intention behind this initiative is to help fulfil the government’s target of reducing waste in construction, through the lowering of both the capital and operational costs, by 20%.

Around £40bn of public money is spent on centrally funded public buildings every year. Therefore minimising waste as a result of inefficiencies, abortive work discrepancies and inefficiencies in the supply chain, is a fundamental objective of a collaborative 3D Level 2 BIM approach.

MK Electric, alongside Honeywell, is committed to supporting this drive for a more collaborative way of working and you can access our BIM files here.


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