Environmental Values

Honeywell design products that help conserve energy, reduce waste, and protect homes and offices. Honeywell helps other companies become more efficient and productive with their products and solutions. Corporate-wide core processes identify and address risk and promote a culture of safety excellence.

Honeywell values its standing as a respected and responsible global business leader. Honeywell recognises that environmental stewardship is behaviour expected of corporate leaders today. It is a pillar of their reputation with the customers they serve.

Honeywell assists communities and companies in meeting the challenges posed by climate change policies and requirements by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

In January 2005, Honeywell received the Landfill Methane Outreach Program “Project of the Year” award for 2004 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for an innovative landfill gas recovery initiative, resulting in substantial greenhouse gas reductions.

On May 16, 2007, Honeywell joined former President Bill Clinton and mayors of the world’s large cities to announce a global Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program, a project of the Clinton Climate Initiative. The program is a global effort to help cities around the world improve the energy efficiency of buildings and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings are a major global consumer of energy
and Honeywell is working with participating cities to identify and implement conservation opportunities in their facilities. The Clinton Climate Initiative is assisting partner cities (including London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong and more) to develop and implement large scale projects resulting in substantial reductions in energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Clinton Climate Initiative is also helping to create the first universal measurement tool to help enable cities to track their own carbon footprint and monitor the effectiveness of carbon reduction programs.

Honeywell, and its businesses, will continue to develop products and technologies that improve efficiency  and lower greenhouse gas emissions. In 2007 Honeywell established 5-year greenhouse gas and energy efficiency objectives for its internal operations. By 2012 Honeywell will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, and will increase its energy efficiency by 20%, both from a 2004 baseline year.

MK, and the whole UK Electrical Devices and Systems business, have joined the Prince of Wales’ May Day Network, the UK’s largest group of businesses committed to taking action on climate change. The May Day Network will share best practice and promises to play a powerful role in reducing the UK’s carbon emissions.

Over 1300 businesses of all sizes from all sectors are working to realise the benefits from taking action on climate change. As part of the Prince’s May Day Network, Business in the Community is working with sectors to pool their efforts in tailored collaborative initiatives.