Sustainable Opportunities: Where does it come from?

74% of MK products are manufactured in the UK.

In the example of the MK Logic Plus 2 Gang Switch Socket Outlet for the UK market, it is estimated that the components and product travel a distance of 16 times less when manufactured in one of MK’s UK facilities, compared to one produced in a Far Eastern facility. With over 70,000 less miles travelled from the UK manufactured socket there is a clear reduction in the products’ carbon footprint when compared to one of its Far Eastern manufactured counterparts.

Where ever possible MK Electric manufacture within, or close to, a local market. This not only keeps the transportation of components and finished products to a minimum, but also allows us to react quickly to changes in the market requirements. Products come off the production line and are delivered direct to our UK warehouse within 24 hours. Far Eastern manufactured products can often spend over 3 months in transit, negating any opportunity for late changes in production to meet a specific market or customer demand.