Modular Combi

A custom design service for Commando Combi products offering circuit protection, control and data products for use in hazardous environments. Modular Combi units are made to orderand designed for almost any application. 

Enclosed in durable Polycarb and ABS boxes, these units offer protection against high impact and are available in both IP44 and IP67, making Commando Combination units some of the safest products available.

Please contact the Technical Helpline (01268 563720) for further details or email for assistance on options available to meet your application requirements.
  • Compact units replace outlets traditionally scattered around walls
  • Combination of outlets with MCB and RCD protection
  • High Impact Protection
  • Custom design service to suit various applications


An industrial range of IP44 & IP67 ingress protected “Commando” combination units designed to provide RCD protection in hazardous environments. Options must be available for a maximum of three Commando sockets, Masterseal and data connections. Products must have outstanding temperature performance and resistance to chemicals to ensure operation in arduous applications. All sockets to have self-cleaning contacts and nickel plated pins to provide resistance to humidity and wear. Terminals to be clearly identified and have terminal screws backed out to provide ease of installation.

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