Masterseal Plus™

Masterseal Plus™ has been specifically developed for use in both outdoor and indoor environments, and where wiring devices and accessories would be at risk from penetration by dust or water.

With a rating of IP66*, Masterseal Plus™ offers total protection against dust, and is protected against high pressure jets of water from any direction. Masterseal Plus™ sockets can seal around virtually any standard 13A plug – including moulded on plugs – allowing safe connection for any appliance.

An improved catch eases the opening and closing of the lid, whilst ensuring the integrity of the seal. The gasket is fixed to the mounting frame of the product, enabling rapid installation, and removing the risk of error when placing a floating gasket.

The Masterseal Plus™ range extends to over 90 product variations as the enclosures house selected products from the Logic Plus™ portfolio – thus offering all the benefits of the Logic Plus™ range within the Masterseal Plus™ enclosures.

*Grid Plus enclosures are IP56



Masterseal Plus™ offers total dust ingress protection, and is protected against high-pressure water jets from any direction, when in use.


Masterseal Plus™ will not discolour, crack or fade in UV light (unlike many other plastics), and will maintain operation in extremes of heat and cold.


Masterseal Plus™ enclosures are made from polycarbonate, one of the toughest thermoplastics available – incidentally also used in products such as motorcycle helmets.


The Masterseal Plus™ range extends to over 90 product variants. The enclosures house products from the Logic Plus™ range, all enclosures and switches are available in Grey, White and Black.


Masterseal Plus™ is guaranteed for an industry-leading 20 years. (10 years for electronic products)

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