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MK astral™

Let there be light

MK astral™ , the advanced lighting system from MK Electric, brings out the best in your environment and is the ideal lighting control solution if you are looking to enhance the ambience and atmosphere in any room or residence.

Providing sophisticated and inspirational lighting control, MK astral™ is an extremely versatile and intelligent system, which incorporates the award winning Zensys RF communications technology (Z-Wave® ),  ensuring the ultimate in both reliability and flexibility.

With the freedom to create the perfect lighting scenes for home or business environment, astral is the obvious choice for those who value ease and confidence of operation.

Innovative technology, easy to install and programme
  • Astral communicates via a 2 way RF signal
  • Wireless technology offers end user flexibility and peace of mind
Offers the most reliable wireless communication system
  • Astral devices link together in a network to form a MESH
  • Signals can be routed around obstacle
Expandable system with other z-wave® applications
  • Z-wave® has been adopted by more than 160 companies 
Energy Saving
Control lighting to reduce energy usage
  • When in standby mode astral mains powered devices are designed to consume <1 Watt