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Look at any great design and what you'll always see is careful attention to detail. The fact is that items like switches are sockets really count - and the better designed and made they are, the more of a difference they will make.

New MK aspect is a beautiful new range of switches and sockets, which is innovative and unusual in a number of ways - some visible, some not. The design is visibly very simple and very stylish. its slim profile and flawless front plate ensures that it always looks extra special. Less visible, but just as important, are the high quality materials they are made from, the functionality, reliability and safety, which have made MK Electrical products famous.

The simple, clean styling of Aspect is both classic and contemporary, so it looks at home anywhere, in almost any kind of environment where style and quality are important. The profile is just 4mm slim, so it’s discreet, as well as stylish, while the concealed screws leave an elegant frontplate, making it more attractive still.

In addition to impressive looks, with Aspect comes unrivalled safety. Utilising MK’s 3-pin operated safety
shutter, that prevents misuse and unsafe access to live circuitry, Aspect offers the user the peace of mind and comfort that they have the safest range of wiring devices available installed in their surroundings.

Slim profile ‘screwless’ front plates of only 4mm
Provide a clean and flawless look that complements the décor of the finest interiors

Patented spring clip design
Ensures positive earth connection of the frontplate and end user safety

Total safety
3-pin operated “child resistant shutter system”, which is designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply, unless all 3 pins of a standard British 13 Amp plug are in position

6 standard high quality finishes with the option for custom design service
Enables Aspect to provide a stylish finish to any new décor