Switch Modules

The Blenze switches are completely flush with the front plate, when it is in OFF condition making it flat on the Wall. It has shroud less designed rocker with positive action. The range is future proofed 10AX and is IP 20 rated; making it truly a next generation switches range. These switches have V-shaped angled terminal with backed out and captive screws. Our 32A DP switch is definitely the ‘best in the class’. It can carry heavy resistive & inductive loads up to 7.68 KW. Also, the lenses are textured, for better visibility of indicators. All this and more to reaffirm MK’s leadership in switch technology
10AX 1 Way Switch
10AX 1 Way Indicator Switch
10AX 2 Way Switch
10AX 1 Way Bell Switch (Neon)
16AX 1Way Switch
16AX 1 Way Indicator Switch
16AX 2 Way Switch
32A DP Switch
25A AC Motor Starter
Blank Plate