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The award winning Masterseal range has been specifically designed for use in either outdoors or indoors and in areas heavily exposed to dust and splashing water. In the garden, workshop, industry, or on farms, there are situations where a supply of electricity, although potentially dangerous, is essential. Scientifically sealed to IP56 and tested by MK, it will protect you and your electrical supply in the unfriendliest of environments. Masterseal sockets are unique in that they can seal around virtually any standard 13 amp plug, allowing safe connection for any appliance.

Protection from strong jets of water from any direction, and protection from dust, sawdust and small particles

Robust construction
It will not discolour, crack or fade in UV light (unlike many other plastics)

Temperature tolerant
Will maintain operation in extremes of heat and cold

Impaction protection
The Masterseal range is made with polycarbonate, one of the toughest thermoplastics available today – so tough and durable that it’s used in motorcycle helmets and
car bumpers