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Base Size Compartment Scrred 53-80mm Screed 80-110mm
100x200mm 1 CUB100UK-1 CUB100XUK-1
200x200mm 2 CUB200UK-2 CUB200XUK-2
265x265mm 2 CUB265UK-2 CUB265XUK-2
265x265mm 3 CUB265UK-3 CUB265XUK-3
340x265mm 3 CUB340UK-3 CUB340XUK-3
340x265mm 4 CUB340UK-4 CUB340XUK-4

Increased wiring space of 45mm below the plate is required to achieve Cat 6 compliance. Wiring space can also be reduced to 25mm when used in shallow screed depths. Both require the use of a plate height adjustment kit - part number CUBA-1 or CUBA-2. For 200x200mm bases, use ‘Compact’ power and data plates only. 
Disposable steel screed lid (recyclable) supplied as standard.
If screed depth is 53mm, reduce height of device plate by removing part of the pillar and use side wired socket outlets
Supplied with PVC Ducting side plates. Number of conduit knockouts varies by size: 100x200mm – 1 x 60x25mm, 200x200mm – 2 x 60x25mm, 265x265mm – 3 x 60x25mm and 340x265mm – 3 x 90x35mm.