New Echo Finishes

MK Electric’s extends ‘self-powered’ wireless Echo finishes for both inside and out

Apr 27, 2009

MK Electric, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and accessories, has expanded its Echo range of innovative ‘self powered’ wireless and battery-free switches with the addition of a variety of decorative and industrial finishes.

MK is the first major UK manufacturer to incorporate ‘enabled by EnOcean’ wireless, battery-free technology into switches. The range harvests tiny amounts of ambient energy to wirelessly operate lighting at ranges of up to 30 metres within buildings. The additional finishes now available within the Echo collection include Chroma, Albany, Aspect and Edge decorative styles; and Metalclad and Masterseal industrial accessories.

Echo’s benefits include almost instant switch installation; total location flexibility of light switches within buildings; and easy relocation, re-installation and considerable cost-savings when ‘churning’ office and other commercial spaces. The Echo range is also incredibly low maintenance thanks to the lack of batteries and lack of wiring in the wall.

The new options mean that Echo can be deployed in a far wider variety of interior schemes; providing the designer with enhanced style, function and technology opportunities.

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