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CONNECT UltraLite CD Box Connection Centre with ten 4-pole sockets

The CD Box UltraLite provides an efficient and costeffective way to interconnect presence detectors and
luminaires using industry-standard connectors. One or two detectors can be connected to up to nine luminaires depending upon the configuration required.

While this unit can be used in conjunction with the MLS Digital Managed Lighting System, it is not an
MLS device and does not give access to the full range of features offered by that system.

The CD UltraLite Box can be used for the following applications:

Presence Detection
One detector can control up to 9 luminaires or two detectors can control up to 4 luminaires each.

Local Switching Only
Luminaires may be switched via conventional on/off switches. One switch can switch up to 10 luminaires or two switches can switch up to 5 luminaires each.

Note that emergency luminaires may be connected to any socket other than the two detector sockets which
do not have a maintained live connection (marked A1 & B1). Non-emergency luminaires may be connected to any socket.

Emergency lights may be tested by interrupting the maintained live supply using a suitable key-switch.