CONNECT Silver lightspot for DALI ballasts (for use with CDW8U2 or CDW8U2UL6) - slimline flush

The Ex-Or MLS Managed Lighting System set the standard for communicating lighting management systems when it was introduced in 1994. With continuous development it has evolved as Europe’s premier lighting management system utilising the latest digital control. MLS Digital expands the original system to include capabilities never before available in a lighting management system of this kind.

These include:

Users can set up six lighting scenes by infrared remote control and recall them with a single press of a button.

Entry and Exit Scenes
The Entry Scene is automatically selected when the area becomes occupied. Similarly, there is an option to select an Exit Scene for when an area is vacated.

Group Dimming
Groups of luminaires may be brightened, dimmed and switched on/off by remote control.

Ballast Compatibility
MLS Digital is available for DSI, DALI and 1-10V Analogue ballasts.

OneSwitchTM Dimming
A simple, momentary, push-to-make wallswitch can be used to raise or lower the lighting level or to toggle the output ON/OFF.