MS1100PF 3CW

CONNECT Bronze Series LightSpot with passive photocell (for use with CDW8U2 or CDW8U2UL6) - Slimline flush

Bronze LightSpot is part of a comprehensive range of presence detection systems designed to control any type of lighting load, particularly modular luminaires.

Bronze LightSpot is a high-performance presence detector and is available with or without digital adjustable
photocell. It provides simple, cost-effective presence detection for lighting control in small areas.


  Presence detection by passive infrared, effectively enhanced to improve sensitivity to small movements.

On 1100 series detectors: Passive photocell holds lights off in bright ambient conditions. The switching level is set by remote control (HP2000 or HP10).

  Off delay in minutes following the last observed movement after which the lights switch off.
  Detection pattern and approx range in metres at floor level for 2.5m mounting height (detection
pattern is cone shaped).
   Hand-held Controllers provide local user override.