K23477 BSS W

Wireless Batteryless 2-gang switch - brushed stainless steel

An innovative range of entirely wireless, batteryless and self-powered switches, available from MK Electric via Ex-Or.

No wires offers the benefits of almost instant switch installation and total location flexibility, resulting in reduced costs and disruption as well as improved speed and ease of installation – invaluable for areas needing to rearrange space periodically, e.g. commercial offices, or those where the channelling of walls isn’t permittable or feasible, such as historic buildings or glass partition walls. 
No batteries means low maintenance and low running costs. No need to buy, fit, replace or dispose of batteries, eliminating nuisance and waste for a more sustainable option.
The new echo range works by harvesting tiny amounts of ambient energy which power a switch (Transmitter) to send an RF signal to the Switch Receiver which is connected to the lighting circuit – operating lighting at ranges of up to 30 metres within typical buildings.