MLS Digital Scene Switch Plate (requires cover plate)

This unit is used to provide groups of luminaires with scene setting and recall, zone control and communication functions. It is useful for areas such as conference rooms or lecture theatres where the primary requirement is to set up and recall different lighting scenes (not necessarily in conjunction with presence detection) to suit a variety various activities.

Users can set up six lighting scenes, recalling them with a single press of a button.

Entry and Exit Scenes
The Entry Scene is selected when the ON button is used. Similarly, there is an option to select an Exit Scene. The current scene is indicated by a coloured LED.

Group Dimming
Groups of luminaires may be brightened, dimmed and switched on/off by pressing the buttons on the panel or by remote control.

The MLS2000SSP MK2 is simple to programme using the HP2000 hand-held infrared programmer via the infrared port on the front face.