MLS Connect Digital Bus Receiver

MLS CONNECT Digital Bus Receivers are principally for use where lighting control is required as part of a building-wide lighting management system without the need for presence detection or photocell control. They are for use only with the Ex-Or MLS CONNECT Digital CDW10U5/CDW10U52L CD Box Connection Centres.

When connected to the CD Box the MLSCDBR can be programmed in the same way as a conventional detector. It will control the lights connected to it via the CD Box and communicate with detectors or other equipment programmed to the same zone as itself throughout the installation.

Ballast Compatibility
Luminaires containing digital, dimmable ballasts (with the appropriate DSI or DALI input) can be controlled providing that the ballast types are not mixed. When a fixed-output HF Ballast is being used, the MLSCDBR will provide on/off switching through the mains outlet on the CD Box.

Connection Method
The MLSCDBR is supplied with a 500mm patch lead which connects the unit to the CD Box via a socket in the side of the housing. No further connection is necessary but the hierarchy detailed in the CD Box installation instructions should be observed.