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CONNECT offers plug-in simplicity via a range of purpose-designed connection centres offering varying degrees of sophistication.

  • Quicker and easier installation for time and cost savings
  • Elimination of wiring faults as pre-wired luminaires and detectors are delivered direct to site
  • Flexibility as luminaires and detectors can be changed or re-positioned without major disruption

This state-of-the-art connection centre is specifically designed for use with the MLS Digital Managed Lighting System and can also incorporate FailSafe emergency lighting testing.

The CD Box Lite provides an efficient and cost-effective way of interconnecting presence detectors and luminaires using industry-standard connectors. This option allows access to a number of the functions of the MLS Digital system.

The CD Box UltraLite is a low cost connection centre for the connection of luminaires to either presence detectors or conventional switches.