With benefits including cost savings, speed of specification and ease of fit, MK Dimensions can make a big difference to contractors working on site. Here, we take a look at how the range can help you save time and money.

Designed based on feedback from contractors, specifiers and end users, MK Dimensions was created to answer three major considerations - on-site waste, design flexibility and productivity.

Below, we’ve laid out the six simple steps for MK Dimensions installation, highlighting exactly how, and where, the range can add value and save time on your next project.

Step one: A two-part solution

MK Dimensions comes as a two-part product solution - a functional module and clip-on frontplate . Importantly, it offers the two individual components as separate parts, with individual part numbers. This means that whilst the functional module can be ordered from a distributor and installed when required, the frontplate can be ordered separately, and crucially, installed much later – even just before client handover – eliminating the risk of frontplate loss or damage – or even the odd indecisive client!

Step two: Ease of installation

Wire the functional module to the wall and secure with supplied screws. Time-saving features such as backed out and captive screws, and in-line and upward facing funnel entrance to terminals, save a significant amount of time per double socket outlet installation compared to alternatives without these features. This can amount to considerable time and labour savings across larger sites, increasing productivity.

Step three: Recyclable cover

Fit the recyclable cover provided over the functional module. This cover ensures the product meets British Standards before the frontplate is attached, meaning it can be used during the build phase to power on-site essentials such as phones, power tools, and cleaning products like vacuums

Step four: Protection from damage

The recyclable cover also protects the functional module from common on-site damage such as paint splatter, plaster abrasions, knocks and scrapes. In the past, this damage could occur to the frontplate , which would then need to be replaced, resulting in waste and additional cost.

Step five: Fit the frontplate

Clip on the frontplate . As this is a separate part, it can be ordered in the final stages of a build, when it is ready to fit. This  means contractors do not need to worry about parts being mislaid or damaged while they are in storage. Furthermore, any late changes in frontplate finish, for example if the client decides upon a different colour scheme later in the build, can be accommodated without incurring additional cost.

Step six: Simple to update

The frontplate is tool removable – so, if at a future date the building undergoes a revamp, they can easily be interchanged with minimal disruption and even fitted by a less experienced worker. Available in nine different finishes including the latest addition, matt black, this range of finishes allows scalability within a development, enabling entire developments to have one common design aesthetic.

MK Dimensions offers the ideal solution for contractors, providing ease of installation, reduced waste and a seamless final finish, with no risk of on-site damage. The modern screwless aesthetic of the range also presents an attractive option for end users, whilst the scalability of MK Dimensions caters to every area of a development . This range not only addresses the needs of contractors, specifiers and end users, but the construction industry at large, too – making it the perfect fit across the board.