Application Example: Hotel Bedroom

Mar 28, 2016
In this example the installer is able to create an automated system ensuring comfort for the guest, whilst delivering energy efficiency and cost savings for the hotel without disturbing the fabric of the room. In addition, with wireless transmitters, the layout and positioning is completely flexible and can be changed quickly without disruption.
The guest is able to easily control their local environment from a number of locations within the room. A 2 channel transmitter by the entry doorway enables control of both the bedroom and living area lighting. An additional 4 channel transmitter next to the bed gives further control of the bedroom and living area lighting and an all off function. There is additional control in the bathroom and on the balcony.
The hotel is able to control all lighting, heating and cooling by the card switch transmitter, ensuring guests do not leave lighting or air conditioning on when they leave the room. The hotel is also able to ensure a safe environment; the presence detector can be programmed to turn low level lighting on when a guest enters the room. In addition the presence detector can be programmed to turn lighting off, or dim to a low level when no presence is detected in the room but the card switch is still in place. Door contacts ensure the air conditioning is not in use whilst the balcony doors are open, offering further energy savings.
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