MK and Ackermann’s quality and performance stands out in landmark library

Apr 01, 2010

The new Library at Queen's University Belfast is a landmark building of scale and prestige seldom seen in Northern Ireland that incorporates a raft of products from MK Electric and Ackermann to complement the overall quality of the £50 million building. Designed by Boston-based architects Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott in association with Belfast architects RPP, the new Library draws parallels with the proposed Coleraine Museum / Museum & Library through both its proximity to a historical context and its function.

The Library is close to the University’s historic Lanyon Building, one of the signature features of Belfast's built environment, and so complements it while also providing accommodation for 2000 readers and space for 1.5 million volumes.

The requirements of an innovative, modern library are many and the new building contains a variety of specifically controlled internal environments where heating, ventilation and day-lighting are critical factors. Common reader spaces, 'quiet zones', historic / special collections, artefact display and digital media are all features of an internal environment that is tailored to meet the challenges of the latest educational thinking.