Dianemo® System

Future proof your home automation The Dianemo ® System, integrated with MK Astral™ advanced lighting and blind controls, offers a cost effective, future proof, flexible home control system that can be integrated into any internal or external space, along with a host of other products and services.

  • The Dianemo system allows easy to use control of even the most sophisticated home entertainment equipment
  • Security control is fully integrated into the Dianemo system
  • Control the room environment from wherever you are
  • Access your Dianemo system from anywhere at any time
  • The Dianemo system works with a wide range of communication protocols, IP, Z-Wave, RS232, RS485, infra-red (IR) and WiFi.
  • Media Managers‘ control all aspects of the Dianemo system and these can be easily added into any new device allowing easy control of all new equipment.
  • The system architecture is designed to easily accommodate new technologies as they come along.