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Select the appropriate 1 Gang or 2 Gang Switch Fascia for your Switch Controller Module. Suitable for use with the following load types and maximum load ratings only.

GLS / Tungsten filament 25 - 2400W

Tungsten halogen 25 - 2000W

Fluorescent tubes with ferro-magnetic ballast and power factor correction 18 - 1800W

Maximum load capacitance 140μF

Fluorescent tubes with electronic ballast*
(eg 30 x 18W tubes/ballasts) 18 - 540W

Compact fluorescent (low energy) lamps* 25 - 750W

ELV Tungsten halogen ferro-magnetic or electronic transformers* 25 - 1500VA

* requires Neutral connection to switch

BS EN 60669-2-1
BS EN 61000-6-1 / 3
ETSI EN 301489-1 / 2
ETSI EN 300220-1/ 2

If your lighting control point has no neutral wired to it and you are switching
· Compact Fluorescent and LED lamps
· Low energy, fluorescent or LED lighting with separate ballasts

You may need to fit a Low Energy Lighting Adapter. Please call Technical Services at +44 (0) 1268 563720 for further information.