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Imagine switch technology and automated systems that need no wiring, use no batteries and are effortless to install and commission. Echo™ is an innovative range of entirely wireless, batteryless and self-powered switches and controls which can work together offering even more convenience and energy saving opportunities.

Echo™ enables you to create your own automated control system for a domestic or commercial environment. With the ability to incorporate a range of transmitters from switches and presence detectors, alongside a range of receivers, the installer can create a flexible system which can deliver safety, comfort, cost savings and energy efficiency for the building owner or user.

The MK Echo™ portfolio is enabled by EnOcean technology. EnOcean based products make use of the energy generated by slight changes in pressure, light levels or temperature, to provide self-powered, batteryless and wireless solutions. This technology is used by many world leading manufacturers, products from these companies can be used together to provide solutions for energy efficient buildings which are more flexible and cost efficient to design, build and operate.

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Instant installation and location flexibility, reducing disruption and cost, as there is no need to run switching cables.

Innovative patented technology​​ to ‘harvest’ energy means zero maintenance as there are no batteries to change.

Each receiver can be controlled by up to 32 switches/ transmitters.

With additional local control, alongside the use of presence detectors users can create an energy efficient environment.



A range of switches and controls which are self powered and to be enabled by EnOcean technology. Transmitters to be totally wireless and batteryless, with no direct connection to the final circuit. All transmitter modules to be available in a range of aesthetics and finishes which match to other required wiring accessories. Receivers to have the ability to be controlled by up to 32 switches/transmitters. All products to be manufactured in Europe.

For more ideas for your Echo installation, view the Echo application example.