MK Elements Collection


The MK Elements collection is a revolutionary range ofstylish wiring devices. Innovative, iconic and inspiring, the Elements collection is the perfect fusion of distinctive design and unparalleled quality. Inspired by materials such as wood, leather and stone, and with electronic touch control switches and dimmers, the MK Elements collection offers the perfect companion for any interior.

With Elements comes the ultimate fusion of distinctive design and unparalleled quality. The range provides slim, screwless profiles and silent operation, alongside a diverse range of colours, styles and textures, providing the ultimate choice for any interior.​


16 STANDARD HIGH QUALITY FINISHES WITH ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY 16 standard finishes across 4 material groups allow designers to easily complement any interior design. The design service offering also means we can create tailor-made products to suit individual needs.

TOTAL SAFETY: 3-pin operated ‘child resistant shutter system’, which is designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply, unless all 3 pins of a standard British 13A plug are in position.

UNRIVALLED QUALITY AND RELIABILITY: Products are made from the very best materials and production processes. All products are 100% tested.

COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF SOCKETS, SWITCHES AND MODULAR ANCILLARY PRODUCTS: Whatever the application, the Elements range has a wiring device to suit.

20 YEAR GUARANTEE: Gives total peace of mind to you and your customers.(5 year guarantee for electronic devices)


A modern square edged range of wiring devices with metal, glass effect, natural & synthetic finished front plates designed to be fixed within and flush to the colour co-ordinated moulded trim. Moulded Frontplates to be polycarbonate and constructed of two colour matched sections, with an overall profile depth of 7.5mm. Frontplates to be screwless, removable by flat blade screwdriver through discreet bottom access apertures. There shall be no plastic bezel/surround to switch rockers and socket inserts are to be designed with clean, crisp edges. Plug pins shall insert into separate individual socket apertures. Switch rockers and socket inserts to be colour matched to moulded trim. Cable connections must be upward facing with easy to identify white markings on a dark background, grouped in a straight line with captive terminal screws for ease of installation. All sockets to have a 3 pin operated shutter safety mechanism and double pole switching, with the contacts designed such that the neutral makes before and breaks after the live pole for improved safety. Switches to be large with a minimum 3mm contact gap with a positive ’click’ to denote successful operation.



Switch on
to clarity & 
Chalk White
Natural Stone
Beach Pebble
Switch on
to sleekness &
Polished Onyx
Ice White
Polished Stone
Polished Jade
Switch on
to quality &
British Oak
Dark Wenge
Cream Hide
Dark Hide
Switch on
to substance & symmetry
Brushed Bronze
Cast Iron
Satin Platinum
Satin Titanium
Brushed Steel