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Grid Plus

Grid Plus is a modular switching and monitoring system in a choice of attractive finishes to match complementary accessory ranges.

The comprehensive range of modules includes switches, indicators, dimmers, secret key switches, printed switches and buzzer units – making it the ideal system for commercial and public building applications.

Easy to fit and change, Grid Plus modules simply clip into place from the front of the mounting frame.​

Comprehensive range of frontplates and grid modules from a single manufacturer making the range flexible and suitable for more installations
Grid modules ‘clip fit’ to the frame without any requirement for special tools. They can be moved, removed or replaced whilst the frame is fitted to the box making installation or replacement speedy and simple.​
Grid frames are made from pre-galvanised steel to provide extra high corrosion resistance, preventing tarnishing and ensuring the longevity of the product.​
Grid frames earth terminal capacity exceeds current standards for total safety assurance. All products are 100% tested before delivery for confidence of a ‘fit​ and forget’ installation. 20 year guarantee (10 years for electronic devices).​



A modular switching and monitoring wiring device system. Modules to have a simple ‘clip fit’ mechanism to hold them to the mounting frame, which do not require specialist tools and are fitted in to place from the front. Accompanying front plates must be able to hold up to 24 modules in a variety of aesthetics and finishes. All products must be made in the UK and provided with a 20 year guarantee.

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