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LED Dimmer

LED Dimmer from MK Electric offers the widest lamp compatibility for a reliable dimming solution and allows the user to create ambience for comfortable surroundings.

Product Specifications
• MK Electric is the first leading manufacturer to offer a LED dimming solution across its wiring devices range
• Available as a single or double dimmer
• MK Logic Plus product is rated 4 – 70W (300W/240VA)
• Compatible with tungsten filament, low voltage halogen and dimmable LED lamps
• Greater user control, with a minimum load adjustment control on dimmer switch
• Maximum 10 lamps per circuit
• Intelligent load protection will prevent lamp wattage exceeding rating of dimmer

A perfect match
The MK LED Dimmer has been tested with leading lamp manufacturers and is compatible with tungsten filament, low voltage halogen and a wide range of dimmable LED lamps.

Reduce energy costs
LED lighting technology delivers enhanced lamp endurance and energy savings. Dimmable LED lamps
can increase energy savings, allowing you to reduce energy costs further.

 Logic Plus LED Dimmers

1G 2 Way 40-300W/240VA/4-70W LED Single Intelligent Dimmer.
1G 2Way 40-300W / 240VA / 4-70W LED Double Intelligent Dimmer.