Decorative wiring devices from the MK Electric Elements collection were used to retrofit a 1960s beach house, blending retro design with 21st century technology. Emma Segelov, EMEA Marketing Operations Manager explains.

The Beach House, West Wittering is a chic coastal bed & breakfast that began life as an ambitious refurbishment project, with the goal of demonstrating how under-utilised 1960s properties in the UK can be retrofitted and renovated to become the design-forward homes of the future.

MK Electric provided a variety of wiring devices to the Beach House, including sleek Clear White and Pebble Grey products from the Elements range. In total, 81 products were fitted throughout the property, providing a comprehensive wiring solution to the project.

The Elements collection was chosen for its luxe design aspects and choice of 16 standard finishes in four material groups - from natural materials such as wood and leather, to glass effect, metallics and synthetics. Additionally, the Elements online design tool provided further flexibility, offering the option of a bespoke solution. This proved to be the perfect range for the West Wittering build, adding the touch of modern style that the owners envisioned.

Many of the products installed also included the latest technology, in line with the forward-thinking nature of the project. For example, the integratedUSB charging included in several of the socket outlets accounts for the increasingly central role of smart devices in day-to-day life, making mobile device charging quick and easy for future guests. Electronic LED dimmers further contributed to the modern feel, with vapour trail touch operation and soft start and off functionality to prolong lamp life.

Alongside the technological aspects, each of the MK Electric products specified adheres to the fundamental company principles of quality, reliability and safety. This means that as well as delivering a sleek aesthetic, the products can be depended on from a practical perspective too.

Leigh Bowen, the property owner and lead architect, said: “Going into this project, we had a very specific vision of what we wanted. MK Electric was the perfect fit for us, as the breadth and design flexibility of its product range allowed us to create the desired look without compromising user convenience. The devices look fantastic and blend seamlessly with the overall interior concept of the beach house.

“We were really impressed by the quality of the products, the support from the MK Electric team, and how simple the installation process was.”