Launch of Astral

Jan 01, 2010

MK Astral™ launched in India

Following the successful launch in several countries world over, MK now announces its India launch.

Lighting plays an important role in architecture. Classical architectural differences such as 'form and content', 'volume and area' or ideas of scale in architecture are simply extended by the component of light. Light is incorporated in the architectural whole. Light is an instrument for designing a space. And hence needs to be controlled, to suit the architectural requirements

MK Astral™ Lighting Controls is the new age advanced lighting system that gives is flexible, reliable, efficient and aesthetically appealing. MK Astral™, is a technology update wireless modern lighting system, that operates on Z-wave; Z- wave is one of the latest and popular RF technologies embraced world over.

MK Astral™ offers freedom to create perfect lighting scenes for both new build and retro fit projects alike. An apartment or villa, old or new, this life style product is made for those who value style and comfort. MK Astral™ has been designed and built based on extensive customer studies- across the spectrum, including specifiers, installers & home owners. Though MK Astral™ is technologically superior in its build, however would be extremely simple to install, program and use. MK Astral™ does not require any dedicated wiring. It uses existing 2- wire electrical installation. It also fits in commonly used metal mounting box.  In MK Astral™ it is extremely simple to program, operate and reprogram. Like a toy.

Unlike some of the existing Wireless Lighting control ranges, MK Astral™ offers 2 –way communication; Which means when you operate lights in rooms that are out of your sight, still you get a confirmatory feedback on the remote, whether the operation  has been successfully done. This is because each of the MK Astral™ devices are receivers and transmitters; So they not only receive instruction, but also transmit signals as desired.

This same feature helps to build another outstanding feature called mesh- network. MK Astral™, because its two way mesh networked, allows for signals to be routed around obstacles with ease. Signals reach even seemingly impossible places, traveling around obstacles and distances Mesh dramatically increases the range four times, than traditional wireless networks. MK Astral™ devices have a 75m open space range. Because of mesh, this range could potentially go up to 300 m.

MK Astral™ is hugely scalable & future proofed. User can continue to add devices, with a simple press of a button. There are lot more advanced features like a holiday mode, by which you can now create lighting effects simulating occupancy. Provides added security. Safety is paramount, in every MK devices. MK Astral™ has been designed to stringent international safety and quality norms, setting new benchmarks in India.

MK Astral™ operates at 865.2 MHz a frequency approved by the Government of India. At the moment MK Astral™, would be one of the very few wireless lighting control ranges that complies to government regulations.

MK Astral™ is available in both metal and plastic facias, with matching Wiring Devices. The devices are stylish and sleek, available in a wide array of finishes, to match your requirements and even imagination.

Lighting control systems provide for energy saving. MK Astral™ does more with its less than 1 watt energy in stand-by mode and some of its innovative features like all off & holiday mode.

In MK Astral™ you have a product that is intuitive, intelligent and aesthetic.

MK Astral™, Advanced lighting system from MK.