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Norwich Trunking is a very popular system for use in schools, offices and commercial installations, because of its durability and the facility to retrofit extra sockets and outlets as required.

  • 2 sizes with one or two compartments
  • Easy to add sockets and outlets once installed
  • Secure lid fit enables wall or ceiling mounting
  • Unobtrusive and neat 
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Durable and impact resistant to Heavy Classification BS 4678 Part 4
  • All extrusions manufactured from 90% recycled material*

* Based on 2008 consumption.

1-3 Module Mounting Frame
Single Compartment Trunking
4-5 Module Mounting Frame
External Angle 90 Degrees
End Caps
Flat Angle
Internal Couplers
Flat Tee
Internal Angle 90 Degrees