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Miniature Circuit Breaker

Sentry MCB is the most power packed MCB in the market. It combines all the features in one package and hence rightly termed as “All in One MCB”.


  • Mid Trip Position – In case of fault, MCB trips and knob takes the Mid Trip position making it easy for the installer to identify the faulty circuit. 
  • Label Holder – Label can be inserted in the holder fitted with a transparent cover. It helps to name multiple circuits on the distribution board.
  • True Contact Indication Flag – Red or Green colour flag provides a clear visual indication of the contact status inside.
  • Two position Din Clip – Normal and pulled out position of din clip facilitates easy mounting and removal of MCB from din rail.
  • Bi-connect upper and lower terminals – Offers flexibility in wiring i.e. wire connections and busbar shorting of MCB is provided on upper and lower side of terminals. Makes it easier to install and avoid wire looping around.
  • Flat Locking Shutters – covers the gap behind the box to eliminate chances of wrong entry of wire during installation.
  • No dismantling of busbar to remove MCB – Unique mounting assembly allows the remove single MCB from shorting busbar without disturbing other MCBs.
  • Air Channels – Low watt loss design generates lesser heat and unique air channels created between adjacent poles facilitate better heat dissipation.
  • Line Load Reversibility – Incoming supply can be connected to both upper and lower side and load to the opposite side without compromising on breaking capacity and isolation.
  • RoHS compliant – Entire range of circuit protection devices conforms to the RoHS standards.
Sentry MCB Accessories

  • Auxillary Contact
  • ​Shunt Tripper
  • Over voltage / Under voltage release


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