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LDBC1U Blind Controller

The window blind control allows to control 24 DC motors of window blinds. The control is performed with polarity reversal, which makes this device suitable for a wide variety of window blind solutions among others Velux roof windows.

The control allows to open and close windows. After a learning process the control is able to set the window blind to a specific position e.g. half open. The tiny unit with a size of 98 mm x 53 mm x 23 mm had a weight of only 67 gr. And fits almost everywhere near the window given. The unit is powered by the 24 V DC as well and consumes only 0.3 W in standby mode. With typical blind motors a 0.6 A power supply should be used.

The unit will be included and controlled in a Z-Wave network from a remote control, a wireless control centre or any other kind of Z-Wave controller including a PC-software. To buttons allow local for test purposes.


  • Outputs: 2 wires, 24 V DV with polarity reversal
  • Interaction: 1 button for inclusion, exclusion and association
  • Dimensions: 98mmx53mmx23mm
  • Wireless behaviour: receiver
  • Z-Wave type: slave
  • Power supply: via 24 V DC
  • Distance: up to 100 m outdoor, up to 30 m within buildings