Communication Modules

Blenze communication range consists of TV coaxial, Computer Jack and Telephone Jack. The entire range is designed for maximum data & voice transfer efficiency. Features in the range like angled connectors in TV coaxial, Krone connectors in Computer Jack and sliding shutters in Telephone Jack are designed to deliver minimal signal  loss, ease of installation and low maintenance.


The TV Coaxial comes with angled connector holding for free flow of cable, reducing stress and it is silver-plated for minimal signal loss. The computer jack is CAT 6 compliant RJ45 with a tool free Krone connect terminal for ease of installation. It has a spring loaded sliding shutter that protects it from dust accumulation and has been provided with 50 micron gold plated leads for more efficient data transfer. The telephone jack has 2 Lines, it can connect two input lines with a single output. Has superior data transfer efficiency. It is provided with anti-spread (Strands) Screw-terminals for easy installation and a spring loaded sliding shutter that protects it from dust.

CAT 6 RJ 45
RJ 11 Two Line
TV Socket