PIR Detector

16 standard finishes

100s more options in the ‘Naturals’ collection

1000s more options in the ‘Synthetics’ and ‘Glass Effect’ collections

Many more ‘Metallics’ options available

Design service for custom materials and finishes
The PIR Detector enables you to optimise the lighting in a room.  This not only saves energy, but also provides a more comfortable environment, with the Elements PIR Detector you always have light when you need it, and avoid unneccesary lighting when a room is not occupied.
In some spaces hands free lighting control can add practical as well as energy saving assistance.  Convenience, safety and security can be increased with automatic switching of lights when an occupant is present, for example stair wells, garages and storage areas.
For public spaces, automatic lighting offers visitors a comfortable welcome in an unknown space, whilst avoiding the lights being left on when not needed, bathrooms are a great example where unnecessary lighting is often left switched on wasting valuable energy.
Standards and Approvals
All Elements Switches are CE marked and comply with the relevant standards.

Mains Supply Voltage:
230V a.c. (Nominal) +/- 10%
Mains Supply Frequency:
47% - 63 Hz
Operating temperature:  5°C to +40°C
IP rating:  IP2XD
Max. installation altitude:  2000 metres
Height: 86mm
Width: 86mm
Fixing Centres:
Mounting Box:
Flush: 877ZIC

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