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LightSpot programmer

The K4050 LightSpot Programmer is a simple-to-use, low-cost programming tool with 12 dil switches for the setting of individual detector parameters.  Please check individual Technical Data Sheets for detector compatibility

Parameters, such as time delay and semi-automatic/fully automatic operation, are chosen via an array of 12 dil switches, the status of which is then programmed into the LMS detector.

Most programmable parameters are catered for although not all options are available for programming on some products (see K4053 below).
The K4050 can also be used to set the regulating light level in conjunction with a suitable lux meter on supported products via a simple UP/DOWN/STORE command.

All LightSpot detectors (except Standard, Mid Range and Long Range Series) are programmable via the K4050 although not all the programmable parameters are supported by all detectors. Please check individual Technical Data Sheets for details.