Honeywell LEDs – from MK Electric – slash lighting maintenance and energy costs

Jul 01, 2010
Energy-efficient, long-lasting, and low maintenance, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are now incorporated into a range of luminaires from Honeywell, and available exclusively through MK Electric. The range consists of batten, diffused and IP65- rated weather-proof luminaires; and is ideal for utility areas such as corridors, walkways, plant rooms, car parks, and warehouses, plus other back of house locations.
Studies show that LEDs have significant advantages over conventional lighting such as incandescent, halogen, gas-discharge and fluorescent. Not only do they consume less electricity, but they also require a lot less maintenance – typically having a 60,000 hour life compared to a fluorescent unit, which can be as low as 10,000 hours, dependent on switching frequency. They are also mercury free and so will not incur increased disposal costs – under Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations – at the end of their lifetime.  
But most importantly, their ultra-long source life and low energy consumption, combined with their low maintenance, makes them extremely cost-effective in the longer term. Overall, LEDs deliver facilities managers, building owners and others a superb ‘payback’ opportunity to exploit the ‘lifetime cost of light’ by reducing maintenance cycles, PPM routines and energy costs. These could amount to up to £80 per annum per luminaire, even after purchasing costs are taken into consideration.       

Backed with a three year warranty, the LED tubes are supplied in two power ratings – 18 and 23W – in 1.2 and 1.5m lengths. Emergency lighting options are also offered. Three colour temperatures are available: Warm White (4100K), White (5000K), and Cool White (6400K).  

The batten is simple to fit; and features a quick-release gear tray cover for easy access; while the diffused luminaire is a dust and insect repellent design – Department of Health approved for use in healthcare environments – and also incorporates quick-release end-caps for simple maintenance on the rare occasions necessary. The IP65-rated unit – for outdoor use – offers the same ease-of-use; but with added features such as a hinged lens cover, quick-release captivated lens retaining clips, IP65 grommets and stainless steel quick-fit mounting clips for direct fixing or chain hanging. 

Post-installation analysis by the Honeywell reveals a reduction in electricity usage of 25% compared to standard installations. A recent trial of 26 of the fittings, installed in a University, has delivered massive cuts in energy consumption , amounting to 55% and leading the university to order a further 150 units.  

The new Honeywell LED range – available only through MK Electric and Ex-Or – represent an unbeatable opportunity for specifiers, consultants and building managers to exploit new energy-efficient technologies to deliver cost-saving and sustainable lighting solutions in all appropriate commercial environments.