Premier is a modern integrated trunking system which provides the means to distribute power, data and telecom services around buildings. A wide range of snap fit mouldings, including reducers, make it easy to run continuous lengths of trunking as cable feeders and, where required, to provide dado trunking with the necessary power, data and telecom outlets. The MK Aspect and Logic Plus accessory ranges complement
the style and finish of Premier Trunking.

Simple, clean lines
Stylish and unobtrusive finish

Wide range of integrated components
Maximises versatility in application

Clip-on covers provide continuous access for wiring modifications
Easy to assemble and install

Data corners provide 32mm radius compatible with Cat 5e data cables
Enables data cables to perform to their maximum capabilities (NCT 1050 only)

Tapered joints provide complete protection at junctions masking cut ends
Uniform and neat finish to any installation

Made from 100% PVCu
Premier is both robust and easily workable on site

All extrusions manufactured from 90% recycled material* range introduction feature benefits
* Based on 2008 consumption.