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Red Alert

Based on MK’s well proven Ega Mini Trunking System, Red Alert brings all of the benefits in reducing the installation time on call points, computer and power supply switches, water heaters, boiler switches, emergency stops, panic alarms, smoke detectors, sounders and warning lights. Manufactured in PVCu, the Red Alert Mini Trunking System meets the growing specification requirement for alarm circuit identification. In addition it affords extra mechanical protection to cables, dramatically improves the overall appearance of MI surface wiring and further serves, where necessary, to highlight the locations of manual call points.

  •  Red Alert profile for alarm circuits 
  •  Unobtrusive and neat
  •  Easy to assemble and install
  •  Durable and impact resistant
  •  All extrusions manufactured from 90% recycled material*
* Based on 2008 consumption.