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Serviced Power Plates

Standard Part No. Compact Part No. Description
CXP10730*+ CXPC10730*+ 2G 13A Socket Outlet
CXP10730NS*+ CXPC10730NS*+ 2G 13A Socket Outlet Non Standard (T Pin) 
CXP10731+ CXPC10731+ 2G 13A Socket Outlet
CXP10731NS+ CXPC10731NS+ 2G 13A Socket Outlet Non Standard (T Pin) 
CXP10745* CXPC10745* 2G 13A Angled Socket Outlet - Power Plate for CUB100
  CXP10735 CXPC10735 2G 13A RCD Switch Socket Outlet**
CXP10760   2G 13A Switch Socket Outlet - Side Wired
  CXP10720*   3G 13A Socket Outlet
CXP10740 CXPC10740 2G 16A 2P+E German Socket Outlet ( Non UK)**
  CXP10741 CXPC10741 2G 15A 127V USA Socket Outlet (Non UK)

* For Clean Earth wiring – add suffix ‘CE’ e.g CXP10730CE.
** Requires a 45mm wiring space.
Clean Earth switched power plates are identified with red rockers, unswitched with red sockets.

+ Plates are supplied with the MK Electric 3-pin safety shutter. Compact Plates (power and data) are for use with 200x200mm bases only.