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Box Lids: Blank lid


SIZE 200x200mm 265x265mm 340x340mm
Depth 15mm NXLB200-15 NXLB265-15 NXLB340-15
Depth 20mm NXLB200-20 NXLB265-20 NXLB340-20
Depth 25mm NXLB200-25 NXLB265-25 NXLB340-25
Depth 30mm NXLB200-30 NXLB265-30 NXLB340-30

DEPTH 80-110MM

Depth 15mm NXLB200X-15 NXLB265X-15 NXLB340X-15
Depth 20mm NXLB200X-20 NXLB265X-20 NXLB340X-20
Depth 25mm NXLB200X-25 NXLB265X-25 NXLB340X-25
Depth 30mm NXLB200X-30 NXLB265X-30 NXLB340X-30

Blank Lid is suitable for wet wash applications. Supplied as a stainless steel lid.
Lids are supplied with frame and fittings. Depth = Lid recess depth