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Screed Base Units: Standard

Base Size Compartment Screed 55-80mm
35mm wiring space
Screed 80-110mm
35mm wiring space
200x200mm 2 NXB200UK-2 NXB200XUK-2
265x265mm 2 NXB265UK-2 NXB265XUK-2
265x265mm 3 NXB265UK-3 NXB265XUK-3
340x340mm 3 NXB340UK-3 NXB340XUK-3
340x340mm 4 NXB340UK-4 NXB340XUK-4

Wiring space can also be reduced to 25mm when used in shallow screed depths. Both require the use of a plate height adjustment kit - part number CUBA-1 or CUBA-2. For 200x200mm base, use ‘Compact’ power and data plates only 
Supplied with two PVC side adaptor plates. Number of apertures varies by size: 200x200mm – 2 x 60x25mm, 265x265mm – 3 x 60x25mm and 340x340mm – 3 x 90x35mm. See page 58 for alternative plates.
If screed depth is 55mm, reduce wiring space to 25mm by use of suitable CUBA kit and use side entry power socket outlets