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Logic Plus

Logic Plus wiring devices from MK Electric have been designed to perfectly complement modern interiors, offering an unobtrusive and sophisticated look totally in keeping with today’s design. Technically, they exceed British Standard requirements with patented features that make these products the most advanced
and safest available.

Logic Plus products are made from a high grade thermoset material which has an inherent antimicrobial property. In recent independent tests, the Logic Plus products were equal to, or exceeded, competitor ‘Anti-Bac’ products when tested for resistance to MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella and Klebsiella

They are easy to install and available through our extensive distributor network. The range is backed by MK’s quality and reliability and provides the largest selection of wiring devices in any single range.

Total Safety
3-pin operated ‘child resistant shutter system’, which is designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply, unless all 3 pins of a standard British 13 AMP plug are in position. Logic Plus products include an inherent antimicrobial property as a result of the high grade thermoset material used to manufacture

Unrivalled quality and reliability
Products are made from the very best materials and production processes. All products are 100% tested

Quick and easy to install
Features to ensure a quick and easy installation come as standard across the range, including in-line terminals, funnel entrances to terminals, backed out and captive screws and clear terminal markings

Outstanding range
Extensive selection of wiring devices providing a total solution

20 year guarantee
Gives total peace of mind to you and your customers (10 year guarantee for electronic devices)